Monday, January 30, 2012

Makeup is A Creative Outlet

Kay Guys so I'm trying something new and let me know what you guys think about it. I've never done a video blog before, it's kind of intimidating but I thought i'd give it a try. Enjoy and Bare with me.

video Part one: Nail Polish
OPI Nicki Minaj Collection
Did it On 'EM
Black Stripe Rite @sallys Beauty Stores

MAC Lipsticks:
Impassioned: really bright pink
Film Noir: Dark brown matted lipstick
Black Knight: Sheer black

MAC Liners
Embrace me: Pink liner from MACs Tour De Fabulous Line
Bittersweet prolongwear
Cherry Liner
Vino Liner
****The prolongwear liner I netioned that'd go well with Impassioned is called More To love. It's a perfect match

Victoria Secret Plumdust
tokidokie bag from sephora
Jewel compact from sephora
Stilla Palette

MAC Shadows
Stars and Rockets
Pink Venus

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

Inglot Shadows
Pearl 445: Purple
Matte 370: Yellow

Maybelline 210 Aubergine liner



***OK so the videos too long for blogspot but it is on my facebook so check it ou.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Makeup Events xD

So IMATS is approaching and I for one am super excited! Cant wait to get my ticket. It will be my very first year attending this makeup convention and I am really looking forward to it. My friend and I are super excited to see all the new products and demonstration booths. I also heard discounted makeup is to be sold. You know that's the most exciting part! xD I am going to try hard to hold off on buying several products and wait until the convention, it'll be hard but I know it will be worth the challenge.

You guys should look into going to IMATS, it isn't just for makeup artists or those in the cosmetology business but for makeup junkies, as I like to call us. It should be an awesome experience. I am really looking forward to seeing the sugar pill booth, heard their makeup may have a great discount! It isn't until June for me, I know super far away, but i at least have time to save my money. I probably will still buy new cosmetics before, hard to break habits.
Also I'm super excited, I should have my MACPRO card by Feb, just in time for the new Viva Glam launch, which is by Nicki Minaj and Ricki Martin, so I've heard. I love Nicki so I'm really siked. I hope its a lavender like purple, but knowing her it'll be a cute pink, which I'm totally ok with. Was unable to get her Pink Friday lipstick so this ones a must. Be sure to be on a look out for that. So Black Knight should arrive this week and I'll post the next blog of reviews..thinking about doing lipstick art with black knight...we shall just have to wait and see. So yeah! hope to see some of you at IMATS and if you haven't heard or thought about should xD

Oh! Before I forget, I have a little shoot I'll being doing Thursday, it's more of a one on one makeup session with two of my models, but I will be sure to update pictures of it as well.

Thanks! And Happy New Years ..(I think I forgot to write that in my last post)

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Joy Of New Makeup

Sorry I know it's been forever since I've posted but I've been super busy. So Anyways this posting is all about some new Items i've purchased and Am Reviewing. So I recently bought a few MAC, Warpaint, MUD, and Conair items. And I love them all!

Conair 1/2" Spiral curler 

It's really fun to use, heats up quickly, and gives you beautiful curls. Perfect for a loose curl look, a messy look, or even just to make your hair look fuller.
Hang Up is a super bold, fun, flirty color. It is a deep burgandy brown color and is creamy. I use this lipstick with my vino lipliner, also from MAC. This Lipstick can easily be perfect for everyday use if you manipulate the colors well. The lipstick on its own is a purple/brown, If you use vino it will be a deeper purple, if you use cherry lipliner it will appear more brown than anything. Its fun to mix colors so i definitely  recommend playing around with with them.

Using Hang Up for more of a plumy brown

 Hangup and Vino

Hang Up/ Honeysuckle Mary Kay gloss

Myth is my favorite nude lipstick. It is very matted so it could be a bit dry for some. Its perfect for long time wear. Love it for very natural looks as well as for when I do very bold eye looks. It's always good to have a nude in your collection. You could always gloss it up or tint it a different color using gloss. It has no tint to it just a plain nude.
 Myth with a dark smokey eye

Myth in a neutral look

Cornflower is a very light blue shadow. It has some gray/silver/metal sheer to it. Its a good light pigment forever everyday use.
Teal is a green blue pigment with a metallic sheer to it. Fun to use and play around with.

Skinny Dip is a really bold deep dark almost royal blue eyeshadow. Its really pigmented and i recommend it. Warpaint is the new HT line of cosmetics so it is inexpensive. I know I know some of those inexpensive products cant be trusted but i decided to give them a try since i had a gift card. I was actually really surprised at how good it was for the price. They're good extras for your collection. Its perfect for deep bright smokey eyes or for blending. Only downfall is its not very long lasting on its own

Silver Glitter Liquid Eyeliner  I don't recommend it too much only because you have to really pack it on, the brushwand it comes with is terrible, and it takes forever to dry therefore smudging your makeup! Plus it runs, alot! Stings!

Coral Shadow is not a warpaint product but one of the older HT cosmetics. Its a subtle peachy pink shadow fun for neutral looks. Its ok for the brand that it is. A bit sheer.

Cream Mascara is a good mascara to have if you do makeup like I do. You don't waste or have to worry about sanitation. You use disposable wands and never use the wand it comes with. Its a tube so you can squeeze out the mascara onto the palette to use. Comes in Black and Brown.

MUD 210: Small Angle Brush is a good brush to have. Its perfect for filling in your brows. Its soft and not too expensive

MUD 500: Mini Fan Brush The bristles are soft and a perfect length. Great to use for mascara application when you do makeup on people. Works great with the cream mascara. Saves you money because its one brush to sanitize instead of repurchasing and throwing away disposable wands.

15 Color Concealer Palette is a perfect beginner pallet. It has a good color scheme and was only 6 bucks! its inexpensive and works great. I'm not too sure the brand but it is very popular and sold often on amazon and ebay at an inexpensive price. Only downfall is it's shipped from china so it takes a whole month to arrive, less if you're lucky

Hope this has been helpful! And I have a few more products to review most being MAC. Just ordered my Black Knight lipstick so as soon as it arrives this week Ill have the next few reviews up! Thanks for following. Hope the pictures were a bit helpful. Comment if you have questions.