Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My first Contest/Giveaway

Hi everyone!!
I know i am really bad at updating here and everywhere else but three jobs and full school schedule dont leave me very much blogging time.
Since I have last posted alot of great things have happen.
I have been blessed with working and meeting really great people and because I am so happy I want to have my first Makeup Contest.
I'm Really excited about some upcoming work. :) Thank you to some lovely ladies who are passing out my cards. you guys rock. Ive decided to have a contest since I am in such a great mood and things are going good for me work wise. Keep spreading the word about this block and both my fb page and instagram and if I get to 180 likes/followers on facebook and instagram I will choose a 1rst and second place winner. :)
1rst place winner will get a free makeover by me.(this is only valid for winners in the LA area. If someone outside of the area wins I have an alternative :). And I'll provide you with your own IMATS ticket for next year. Its worth it I promise. IMATS does take place in London, Sydney, Vancouver, NY, Toronto and LA as well of course. so if anyone wins from any other area Ill be happy to buy your ticket to the show of your choice (transportation and accommodations aren't provided) and send it to you. :) Now I realize that many are not near the areas where IMATS is so I have decided that the alternative for those is I can spend what I would on the ticket on new cosmetics for you. I will put together a really cool makeup pack for those who can't go to IMATS. Unfortunately I cannot fly out to see some of you for a make over but I can definitely ship you some new makeup :)
The second place winner will get a few new cosmetics as well :)
All you have to do is spread the word. :)
Follow me on intagram
I will also be updating contest info on my blog as well as my instagram. Good luck everyone!
How to enter:
1 Only one entry per person
2 Send me a link or tag me on any repost of any of my blogs/pics/posts showing me that you are spreading the word.
3 when entering on instagram you must take a photo screen shot of my contest entry picture be sure to hashtag #contestbymelina so that i may find your entry. You must be following me and please make sure your pictures aren't on private so i can see your entry.
On facebook like the page reblog the contest page but directly tag me if for some reason you cant send me a message to your repost and letting me know you have entered.
4 You must like both pages but only have to enter on one of them.

ll start choosing winners by random as soon as i reach 180 likes/followers. :)


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