Friday, August 10, 2012

Costume Ideas!

Yes I know Halloween is still a few months away but a lot of friends have already brought up the subject of costumes. I haven't decided what I want to be yet. I was thinking about Pocahontas, figured cute simple makeup with some turquoise or teal thrown in but now I've decided to try to put different costumes together for fun. I think it'd be a good way to put my skills to work and try more dramatic looks. So here is my first attempt: Broken doll. Enjoy ;). Oh also guys I know I'm really slow  on updating and but just an fyi I have enrolled in another makeup class that will focus on theater makeup so expect to ese some cool and dramatic stuff. I hope to learn some pretty awesome things :)

 :) My cat is a bit of a camera whore so don't be surprised if you see him sneak in to a lot of future pics. And sorry these aren't the best. I have yet to invest in an actual camera.

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